Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 – CASIO Performance-Synthesizer XW-P1

CASIO Performance-Synthesizer XW-P1

Ralph Maten playing the new CASIO Performance-Synthesizer XW-P1

Introduced at NAMM now shown in Frankfurt:

Two synthesizers, two scenes

The new XW series will be launched at the end of March with the Performance-Synthesizer XW-P1 and in April with the Groove-Synthesizer XW-G1. In concept, the two synthesizers are meant for different scenes and are thus packed full with special features for the corresponding target group. The Groove-Synthesizer XW-G1 is aimed at young and creative musicians who produce their own tracks and want to present their sound in the clubs. In one compact single device, the XW-G1 offers everything that the creators of modern electro sounds and digital DJs need, such as, amongst other things, a sample-looper for creating “on the fly” layers and overdubs. The Performance-Synthesizer XW-P1wants to be on stage – as band leader, rhythm producer, sound giant. Six oscillators are responsible for the solo synthesizer’s professional sounds alone – each of them with excellent and almost limitless modulation possibilities. The legendary CASIO sound from the 80’s – for example from the CZ Series – is of course included.

  • Performance-Synthesizer XW-P1: 549,- € UVP
  • Groove-Synthesizer XW-G1: 599,- € UVP

Good sound, very competitively priced, no doubt – CASIO is back!

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Es muss Mitte der 70er Jahre gewesen sein, als ich das erste Mal “Switched on Bach” von Walter/Wendy Carlos gehört habe. Seitdem haben Elektronische Musik und Synthesizer nichts an Faszination und Vielfalt in ihren Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten für mich verloren. Der Haptik wegen und wohl auch bedingt durch meine Wurzeln, gebe ich nach wie vor Hardware den Vorzug, selbst wenn die Qualität so mancher Plug-Ins mittlerweile beeindruckend ist. Die Entwicklungen der letzten Jahre haben eine neue Generation an Klangschaffenden und Musikern hervorgebracht, die wie es scheint nun wiederum der Faszination der alten analogen Instrumente erliegen. Genau in diesem Spannungsfeld soll sich der Inhalt unseres Magazins wieder finden. ________________________________________________________ It must have been the middle of the 70′s when I first heard “Switched on Bach” by Walter/Wendy Carlos. Since then, electronic music and synthesizers have lost none of their fascination and variety in their means of expression for me. Because of the tangibility of it and probably also due to my roots, I still prefer hardware, even if the quality of some plug-ins is now impressive. The developments of recent years have spawned a new generation of sound professionals and musicians, who seem to again succumb to the fascination of old analog instruments. It is precisely in this area of tension that the content of our magazine can be found.