Studio Electronics – BOOMSTAR x4

Studio Electronics - Boomstar, classi ARP

Studio Electronics - Boomstar - 4075, ARP Filter

Studio Electronics introduced for models of its new BOOMSTAR all analog, monophonic Synthesizer.

The main difference between the four different models is the filter. Currently one can choose between the following:

  • 4075-classic Arp 2600
  • 5089-classic Moog 24db ladder
  • SEM-classic Oberheim 12db
  • 303-classic Roland TB

The CS-80 Filter, which can be added to the company’s Omega and C.O.D.E. synthesizers, is currently not availble.

MSRP: $799.00

Studio Electronics - 5089-classic Moog 24db ladder, 303-classic Roland TB, SEM-classic Oberheim 12db Filter

Studio Electronics - 5089-classic Moog 24db ladder, 303-classic Roland TB, SEM-classic Oberheim 12db Filter

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Es muss Mitte der 70er Jahre gewesen sein, als ich das erste Mal “Switched on Bach” von Walter/Wendy Carlos gehört habe. Seitdem haben Elektronische Musik und Synthesizer nichts an Faszination und Vielfalt in ihren Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten für mich verloren. Der Haptik wegen und wohl auch bedingt durch meine Wurzeln, gebe ich nach wie vor Hardware den Vorzug, selbst wenn die Qualität so mancher Plug-Ins mittlerweile beeindruckend ist. Die Entwicklungen der letzten Jahre haben eine neue Generation an Klangschaffenden und Musikern hervorgebracht, die wie es scheint nun wiederum der Faszination der alten analogen Instrumente erliegen. Genau in diesem Spannungsfeld soll sich der Inhalt unseres Magazins wieder finden. ________________________________________________________ It must have been the middle of the 70′s when I first heard “Switched on Bach” by Walter/Wendy Carlos. Since then, electronic music and synthesizers have lost none of their fascination and variety in their means of expression for me. Because of the tangibility of it and probably also due to my roots, I still prefer hardware, even if the quality of some plug-ins is now impressive. The developments of recent years have spawned a new generation of sound professionals and musicians, who seem to again succumb to the fascination of old analog instruments. It is precisely in this area of tension that the content of our magazine can be found.


  1. Canteruh

    Hello, I’m a new follower, and I’ve been so pleased to see a blog of such quality about synths…

    You also reviewed the two synthesizers I wanted to read about lately : the ACCELERATOR and the Solaris, meaning you couldn’t satisfy my thirst for new and niche products in any better way.

    I’m just typing here to encourage you to provide more links in your articles, for example, here, to the constructor page. I know I could just Google it and find it myself, but it would be increase the coolness of your already cool blog.

    I might suggest, too, to enable continuous play of the demo files on the synth review pages, if it’s easily made, that would be great.

    I don’t mean to annoy you at all with my comments, and hope they will be useful to you.


    PS : How am I supposed to choose any of these with this much choice of analog synths ? Haha…

  2. Hi Emile,

    thank you for the kind words.

    Actually a good point. We will add the links in the future.

    Regarding the mp3 player – the files usually play continuously. I just checked it with Safari and Firefox. Please let me know if it still does not work.


    ps: :-)

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