GreatSynthesizers.com is an online magazine with reviews, interviews, documents, photos and soundfiles of analogue and digital synthesizers & related music gear. Our aim is to provide an archive of synthesizer reviews and audiofiles to which everyone has access, to exchange experiences and form networks. But at the end it is all about making music!

Theo Bloderer

Author und Founder

Theo Bloderer

Synthesizer-enthusiast and musician, lives in Austria.
Email: theo”at”greatsynthesizers”dot”com

Other Authors

Peter M. Mahr

Co-founder and author until February 2013.

Curt Nolte

Synthesizer and programming expert, lives in Germany.

Javier Zubizarreta

Synthesizer and programming expert, lives in Argentina.

Larry Poulton

Sound researcher und synthesizer-lover, lives in England.

Marko Ettlich

Runs the RetroSound – Vintage Synthesizer Channel (YouTube), lives in Germany.

Hans Bertschler

Live keyboarder and great synthesizer technician, lives in Austria.

Ares Kalogeropoulos

Composer, producer and photographer, lives in Greece.

Stefan Herr

Synthesizer expert (speciality: FM), keyboarder and guitarist, lives in Germany.