NEA Pyxis – Aftertouch System for ARP Odyssey

The Pyxis Aftertouch System consists of two parts: a sensor bar and the control unit. The sensor bar is designed to bolt onto almost any style of Pratt-Read keyboard, which makes many different synthesizers a candidate to receive this mod. See the photo below for a Pyxis installed in an Arp Odyssey. The response curve for the sensor itself is wide and linear giving the aftertouch an intuitive feel that is easy to control.


The Pyxis control unit receives the signal from the touch sensor and sends control voltages to different parts of the synth (VCO1, VCO2, VCF, VCA). One of the cool features is the on-board free-running LFO. Since the LFO speed and intensity changes with pressure on the aftertouch, very expressive effects can be achieved depending on how the signal is routed. For example, a bend could be combined with a subtle vibrato, tremolo, or volume swell. With ten controls (2 switches, 8 pots) there are many different ways that one could creatively process the aftertouch signal.

For those who don’t want to install the control unit on the front panel of their instruments, the unit is also offered in an attractive external hardwood shell that can sit on or nearby the instrument. The external unit connects through a 9-pin mini DIN connector that must be installed on the back of the synth.



Pyxis Aftertouch Control System Kit (with Internal Control Unit): $485 (USD)
Pyxis Aftertouch Control System Kit (with External Control Unit): $650 (USD)

——————————————————————————————————————–Update 10/2017: NEA – New England Analog – is now called “Retroaktiv”. It seems as if the Odyssey aftertouch kit is no longer available anymore. Contact the manufacturer for further info …


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