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Lesindes ist einer der großen Synthesizer-Experten und Klangkünstler unserer Zeit. Er lebt in Berlin, im Schnittpunkt der elektronischen Musikszene ... _________________________________________________________ Lesindes is one of the great synthesizer experts and sound artists of our time. He lives in Berlin, in the heart of the (German) electronic music scene, so to speak ...

SUPERBOOTH18 – Synth Expo Berlin (Part 1)

225 exhibitors were at the Superbooth18 from 3.-5. May in Berlin. The event took place in the so-called FEZ (leisure and recreation center). This year it was two weeks later than 2017 and so the surrounding Wuhlheide Park was full of spring – green through and through. A very pleasant setting for the concerts on the floating stage, in the beer garden behind the FEZ and in the cafés.

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SUPERBOOTH17 – Synth Expo Berlin (Part 2)

Our first installment was all about pre-wired electronics (synthesizers), but now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of our synthesizer-life: the very lifeline of SUPERBOOTH – modules, modules, modules.

Without really counting, I would estimate that there were more modules present than visitors. All those patch cables would certainly have been long enough to circle the earth. Am I exaggerating? Well, maybe a little … Be that as it may, that’s the impression I got.


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SUPERBOOTH17 – Synth Expo Berlin (Part 1)

Superbooth 2017. What Schneider’s Laden started as an experiment in 2016 is already a fixed entity in the synth universe. Although nuts and screws seem to dominate, some exhibitors were more keyed to the main stream of the music business (such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Akai, etc.). First the big surprise: Superbooth has moved! Although it’s premiere in the Funkhaus Berlin last year was marked by a great atmosphere, those huge crowds in the aisles just got in each others way. They needed something roomier.


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Jomox SunSyn
– the TRUE analog synthesizer?

“We did not reinvent the wheel, but actually the complexity of this 8-voice true analog multitimbral synthesizer hasn’t been there yet. The term ‘8-fold storable modular system’ would describe this unit in a much better fashion, and exactly this is the SunSyn.” (Jomox)


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