SUPERBOOTH23 – Synth Expo Berlin (Part 1)

SUPERBOOTH23. Good weather, cozy atmosphere, old acquaintances and pleasant news! The lineup of exhibitors and instruments is enormous. On the one hand, Eurorack modules / systems dominated the action at the show, but on the other hand, new masterpieces like the UDO Audio SUPER GEMINI complemented the synthesizer section. And then, there was also an obligatory vintage synth area as well …

Enjoy the colorful and wildly mixed tour of the SUPERBOOTH23 …

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Lesindes ist einer der großen Synthesizer-Experten und Klangkünstler unserer Zeit. Er lebt in Berlin, im Schnittpunkt der elektronischen Musikszene ... _________________________________________________________ Lesindes is one of the great synthesizer experts and sound artists of our time. He lives in Berlin, in the heart of the (German) electronic music scene, so to speak ...

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