Roland SH-1000 – Video by Ares Kalogeropoulos

The Roland SH-1000 – the first compact synth produced by Roland back in 1973.

An absolutely simple and great sounding synth that gives you smooth basses and edgy leads. In combination with a external stereo delay and reverb it can be a source of inspired music that harks back to the early days of electronica. Even more, actually. Unorthodox use of this synth – letting little accidents happen – will produce screamy resonant leads and buzzy basses with hi speed LFO effects!

Here is a demo I made with the sole use of the SH-1000, with a soft delay and reverb giving it additional atmosphere. A beautifully ugly machine …!

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Als Komponist, Produzent und Fotograf bin ich beruflich in der Filmmusik und TV-Werbung beheimatet. Mein ganz spezielles Interesse gilt natürlich Keyboards. Analoge wie digitale Synthesizer, Workstations und sogar Drum Machines haben mich in ihren Bann gezogen. Auf GreatSynthesizers stelle ich regelmäßig Video-Demos zu einzelnen Instrumenten vor. Videos, die sich immer einem bestimmten Instrument widmen und es bildlich wie auch musikalisch präsentieren. __________________________________________________________ I am a music composer/producer and photographer, working for the TV commercial music business. My special love is keyboards. Analog and digital synthesizers, workstations and drum machines are my addiction. On GreatSynthesizers I will give you the essence of well-chosen music machines, presenting special video-demos at regular intervals.

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