Korg prologue
– THE 8-/16-voice pro’s synth?

Korg prologue test report.

This took a while. 2 years, to be exact. After release of the 4-voice polyphonic minilogue (that stepping stone to a pro’s synth) we would have expected its bigger brother to arrive soon. But Korg set up another test balloon at first: its monologue. A much-respected monophonic analog synth, available in various colors.

The success of both instruments might have asured Korg of being on the right path. And so the super-synth has now finally arrived: the prologue. A professional Japanese polyphonic synthesizer with 4 octaves / 8 analog voices (prologue-8) or, alternatively, 5 octaves / 16 analog voices (prologue-16). Great sounds.Korg-Prologue-8-01

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Oberheim OB-8
– L.A. Sound with tricky software

Oberheim OB-8 test report.

The OB-8 is a clear recommendation for all who are looking for that characteristic – and up to now nearly unachievable – analog sound of the late 70s and early 80s. Today, classic analog poly-synthesizers clearly indicate that a major chapter in synthesizer evolution is now closing – slowly, but surely.

The thing is: you can talk about classical vintage synthesizers, you can closely analyze their remarkable concepts and praise their unrivalled sound … but what’s that all good for if those objects of keen desire are no longer available? Most classic synthesizers have found a permanent home these days. Studios and collectors all around the globe are in the picture as to the musical and financial value of the instruments. No wonder classic synths are rarely sold nowadays!

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Studiologic Sledge BLACK Edition
– a panther to be tamed

Studiologic Sledge 2 / Sledge 2.0 / Sledge Black Edition test report.

Dramatic stories are exciting. Sometimes. Not smooth (boring) stories, but unfathomable stories. Stories that surprise you. My experience with Studiologic Sledge belongs to this latter category.

It’s been many years since I first played the YELLOW Sledge (Version 1.0). And turned away in horror. What a shiny plastic box! What a wobbly keyboard! But things change. Today the Sledge Version 2.0 or Sledge BLACK Edition offers lots of new goodies, including a decent Fatar TP/9S keyboard. Which looks (and feels) much better!


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Waldorf Streichfett
– Magic Vintage Sounds

Waldorf Streichfett test report.

Let’s start with some good, sound advice. For free. “Recommendations from close friends should NOT NECESSARILY be ignored.” This could greatly highten the quality of life for those of you who otherwise always do what they are told.

Obviously, I’m not one of those obedient guys. Three years ago, a friend told me “Go and buy a Waldorf Streichfett” – so, of course, I didn’t. And spent three empty years without those glorious fully polyphonic choirs and zippy string pads that I had refused access to my studio.


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Roland Jupiter-8
– the grand master of synth-pop

Roland Jupiter-8 test report.

Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer: The name alone is magic to many musicians’ ears. And as much a desired object today as in 1981. Next to the Sequential Prophet-5, this synthesizer represents one of the milestones in the history of polyphonic analog synthesizers.

Listening to the Jupiter-8 these days may impress you, while at the same time you could deem it a tick less spectacular than others of its famous contemporaries.


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