Waldorf Streichfett
– Magic Vintage Sounds

Let’s start with some good, sound advice. For free. “Recommendations from close friends should NOT NECESSARILY be ignored.” This could greatly highten the quality of life for those of you who otherwise always do what they are told.

Obviously, I’m not one of those obedient guys. Two years ago, a friend told me “Go and buy a Waldorf Streichfett” – so, of course, I didn’t. And spent three empty years without those glorious fully polyphonic choirs and zippy string pads that I had refused access to my studio.


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Roland Jupiter-8
– the grand master of synth-pop

Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer: The name alone is magic to many musicians’ ears. And as much a desired object today as in 1981. Next to the Sequential Prophet-5, this synthesizer represents one of the milestones in the history of polyphonic analog synthesizers.

Listening to the Jupiter-8 these days may impress you, while at the same time you could deem it a tick less spectacular than others of its famous contemporaries.


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Modal Electronics 001
– a great British duophonic synth

The Modal Electronics 001 synthesizer – we’ll call it the Modal 001 – is a small miracle of creative technology. And its crystal-clear wavetable-sound brings back memories of the good old PPG Wave. Powerful and flexible.

True, it doesn’t quite meet up to the original PPG synthesizer (“The one and only” – see PPG Wave 2.2 / 2.3 test report) in terms of audio quality. But its sound is excellent and its clever synth architecture is state-of-the-art.

001: The little miracle.


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Arturia MatrixBrute
– a French icon of luxury

Arturia MatrixBrute – a fabulous instrument. This synthesizer, available since the beginning of 2017, will some day count among one of the REALLY BIG instruments of the decade. A TOP synth. Assuming, of course, that „Made in China“ is no big obstacle.

At the moment, we find no such detriments to its quality. In fact: After presentation of the prototype in 2016, Arturia even did a little additional pepping up … now the synth has gorgeous aluminium wheels instead of those original plastic wheels. And since its recent software update (mid 2017) – others are certain to follow – the MatrixBrute is about as perfect as you could even wish.


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