Musikmesse Frankfurt 2014 Report – Part 1

From year to year it gets harder to decide whether or not to go the “Musikmesse” in Frankfurt. There’s just too much stress there. Everything’s much too loud, there’s not really enough time for anything … and it’s expensive: parking fees, eating out, and so on and so on. So it’s amazing that every year I’m again glad to have been there. It’s not so much the instruments, it’s the musicians, it’s the people round about, it’s the special atmosphere of being one freak among many freaks, all afflicted with the same incurable illness. A great feeling …

We’ll begin our 2014 stroll at Synthesizer Magazin (a German magazine). A nice collection of (surprise, surprise!) synths to be seen there … most of them vintage instruments.

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German language Synthesizer-Magazin

SYNmag - Synthesizer-Magazin

SYNmag – Synthesizer-Magazin

Internet became the main source of information during the last 15 years. However, books and magazines are fortunately still of interest for many of us.

Although the Synthesizer-Magazin is in German, we recommend it to those of you, who speak German as well. It is definitely worth it.

Check their SYNmag website and a list of all available issues since their start in 2006. You can find every single issue here.

SYNmag Schwerpunktausgabe

SYNmag Schwerpunktausgabe “Analoge Synthesizer”