GRP R24 step-sequencer (part 2)

Part 1 was dedicated to an overall view of the features of the R24. The following (part 2) takes a closer look at the R24 hardware, along with some thoughts concerning the musical flexibility of the sequencer. Let’s start with the hardware. The R24 sports a whole arsenal of analog and digital in/outputs – which you would expect, of course, of a good hardware sequencer.


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Arturia MicroBrute – first impression

If a “Mini” model is followed by an even smaller “Micro” model, expectations might be very low. You could easily overlook the new Arturia synthesizer, but … boy, that would be a mistake! This instrument does not only sound fantastic, it also has a very clever concept. More than that, it is – thanks to the new performance opportunities – even more attractive than the original MiniBrute.

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Roland SH-2 – The Powerful Monophonic Synth

Korg has recently made some fanciful moves and enhanced the market with a new addition of classic analog (MIDI) synths, but at Roland things have remained remarkably quiet. What about a new SH-2 with MIDI, USB, (digital) sequencer and arpeggiator?

Admittedly, the SH-2 (produced between 1979 and 1982) still shines brightly with its 2 VCOs, sub-oscillator and the great Roland lowpass filter. Its hardware is among the best, its sound ranges from silky to steely, always powerful and with a presence all its own.

Attached some photos of Roland’s remarkable vintage SH-2, illustrated here together with the CSQ-600 sequencer. Is there any hope that such instruments will be built again one day?

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