The new Minimoog D – even better than the original?

The new Minimoog – the new Model D, to be precise – surprises us at first sight with its moderate price. Approximately 4000 Euros is (somehow) fair, considering that a vintage Minimoog can cost significantly more on the second hand market. And this synth is NEW, it comes with a beautiful wooden housing (with no scratches and scrapes) and with some interesting new extras. Extras, that the original Minimoog can’t even dream of.

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The New Korg MS-20: The Interview

Even if it’s already a couple of months old, a MUST for this summer is the interview with Fumio Mieda (engineer of the original MS-20) and Hiroaki Nishijima (chief engineer at  Korg, responsible for the new MS-20). Reading it through only takes a couple of minutes. It’s a few of the details that make for mandatory reading.


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