Knobs & Wires: Snapshots of a Synth-Festival

Snapshots of Knobs & Wires – June 2nd, 2018 / Creative Quarter / Munich, Southern Germany. Live concerts, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and trade fairs: All about synthesizers / modular systems / electronic music. This was a synthesizer festival in the best sense of the word. The weather was fine, the audience inquisitive and open-minded – no wonder the organizers were highly satisfied.

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Dieter Doepfer presents new A-100 modules

Year for year a few dozen modular users (and those striving to get there) pay a visit to an unusual workshop conducted by Dieter Dopefer in Munich. And year for year that technician from Graefelfing (a small village outside of Munich) uses the opportunity to speak not only about musical basics and specifc modules but also about the latest developments pertaining to the A-100 system. So also on the November 15th 2014 in the Hieber Lindberg Music Store.

But first lets submerge into the atmosphere of that workshop …


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