Roland System 100M – Japanese Impressions

Being one of the neatest modular systems ever, the Roland System 100M was built from 1979 to 1984. This is a good sounding modular synthesizer which is still sought-after these days. Its VCOs and VCFs offer “the right mix of accuracy and analogue imperfection to give you a reliable but human sound”, as Peter Forrests says. This classic miniature modular system is used by Vince Clarke, Hans Zimmer and many other musicians …

We took some images of a 38-module System 100M …

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Emu Modular



40 years ago, in the early 70s, two Californian university graduates set up a small company making a high quality modular synthesizer. The company they formed was called Emu and from the humble beginnings of their modular system, they went on to produce a whole host of innovative electronic instruments.

The Emu Modular system is a classic and it was pioneering. The Exclusively Analogue modular system project was started to fulfill the need Tony had to re-house his original Emu system submodules and developed from that. The primary modules, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), Sawtooth Pulse VCO (SPVCO), Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCLPF), Dual Transient Generator (DTG), and Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) have been recreated and faithfully reproduced as a ‘Tribute’ to the Emu modular. They will only be available in extremely limited numbers, a total of 10 sets.


Tribute Module List

  • EA2000 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  • EA2100 Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter
  • EA2200 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • EA2210 Sawtooth Pulse Voltage Controlled Oscillator.
  • EA2350 Dual Delayed Transient Generator

Additional modules to complete the system:

  • EA2800 3″ x 6″ Blank Panel
  • EA2801 6″ x 6″ Blank Panel
  • EA2802 9″ x 6″ Blank Panel
  • EA2905 Power Supply Panel
  • EA2906 Multiple Panel
  • EACAB1  42” x 12” Oak Cabinet


The Pioneer Modular Synthesizer

It is planned to subsequently produce redesigned primary modules that, whilst following the original style, will be electronically new. This will form the basis of the new ‘Pioneer’ modular system.  It is also planned to produce additional modules to add to existing systems or as part of a new one. (Note that these modules will be completely compatible with existing Emu modular systems)

The currently planned new ‘Pioneer’ modules are;

  • EA2001 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  • EA2101 Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter
  • EA2120 Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter (12dB Lowpass, 24dB Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch)
  • EA2201 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • EA2211 Sawtooth Pulse Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • EA2341 Lag Processor
  • EA2351 Dual Delayed Transient Generator
  • EA2401 Noise Source
  • EA2411 Sample & Hold
  • EA2431 Ring Modulator
  • EA2461 Dual Low Frequency Oscillator
  • EA2501 16 Step Sequencer
  • EA2512 Scaling Quantizer
  • EA2522 MIDI to CV convertor


Find out more on their website or on Facebook Emu Systems Modular Synthesizer.