iVCS3 – The Official EMS VCS3 Emulator

There it is! Alessandro Petrolati developed this VCS3 for the iPad. Presets and the ability to morph between “scenes” are certainly improvements over the original. And the the replica of the pin-matrix is beautiful …

Well, and the sound? Is it “… pretty much the same” as the original VCS3 …? Hm, we’re not sure about that (well, we are! It is not the same, of course) … BUT: this app costs a modest 15 USD … so you can’t go far wrong.


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Waldorf & Wöhrmann design new iPad synthesizer

Waldorf iPad-Synthesizer

Waldorf iPad-Synthesizer

Press release:

A long tradition of wavetable synthesis – from first PPG synthesizers to the latest developments in terms of Blofeld and Largo – and Rolf Wöhrmann’s (TempoRubatos) vast experience with the iPad synthesis made it only natural to come up with a wavetable concept for the iPad, which, as a mobile platform, is becoming increasingly more significant to professional and semi-professional musicians and producers.

Thanks to intelligent gesture recognition and plenty of available graphic performance the iPad is perfect for bringing wavetable synthesis to a new level. For the first time it will be possible to plunge into the depths of wavetables and to make their sound content visible with advanced 3-D technology.

The cooperation between Waldorf and TempoRubato, also known for their product line NLog Synth, doesn’t stop here: The application will also offer new possibilities for sound manipulation based on Waldorf’s very latest spectral research.

Completely new and unheard sounds

An innovative approach to wavetable synthesis allows for the transposition of the spectrum and the balance of periodic and sound spectra entirely independent from a wave’s position. The existing wavetable technology is thereby extended by two new dimensions, and it allows for formant shifts as well as numerous other unheard sounds. Also, unlike with typical wavetable instruments, the number and length of waves in a wavetable will no longer be restricted. It’s the era of wavetable synthesis V2.0!

This app will support a huge number of hardware MIDI interfaces, e. g. all Core MIDI compatible interfaces by IK Multimedia, iConnectMIDI, MIDI Mobilizer II by Line6, ioDock or the Camera Connection Kit by Apple, as well as proprietary interfaces such as the SynthStation by Akai.

App collaboration standards like Sonoma‘s Audio Copy/Paste, Intua‘s Audio Pasteboard and Virtual Core MIDI will also be supported like the upcoming AudioBus standard and KORG’s WIST synchronization technology.

Joachim Flor, executive manager at Waldorf Music GmbH is pleased: “We are truly excited about our collaboration with Rolf Wöhrmann from TempoRubato. Considering his great experience with the iPad synthesis we are planning to release this excellent synthesiser this summer. Then it will be available at the Apple App Store. It’s going to be an exciting time!“

Rolf Wöhrmann is also looking forward to the challenge: “The cooperation with Waldorf Music and the Waldorf developers is a great honour. Waldorf‘s long history in wave table synthesis and the new and innovative possibilities of the iPad will create an astonishing synthesizer for musicians, sound designers and producers.”


Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 – Waldorf

Waldorf Zarenbourg

Waldorf Zarenbourg, Pulse 2, lector, PPG und largo

The Waldorf Zarenbourg  builds the perfect support for the Pulse 2. As you can see from our photo, the Pulse 2 was not connected and therefore we cannot say anything about its sound. But we can say this – watch this space ;-)!

But we had the chance to listen to the now available Zarenbourg. As it seems to get common now, the Zarenbourg also makes use of a combination of Sampling and Physical Modelling. However, what we heard was promising. A comparison between the Zarenbourg and the Yamaha CP1 is nearly as obvious as the one between Pulse and Pulse 2. Scheduled delivery date for the Pulse 2 is summer 2012.