Audiowerkstatt – trigger2midi2trigger Rev. 2

Audiowerkstatt trigger2midi2trigger v2 – honestly, spelling the name is not a child’s play. Anyway, this module converts analog clock signals to digital (MIDI) clock signals – and vice versa. Furthermore, it’s a multifunctional trigger device, useful in many ways. Need to convert S-Trigger to V-Trigger? No problem! The other way ’round? Ah, easy – that’s a piece of cake!

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Mini MIDI Step Sequencer by Audiowerkstatt

The audiowerkstatt mini-midi-step-seq is a MIDI-sequencer (no gate/CV), which is based on a classic analog step-sequencer:

  • Programming with potentiometers (no endless-dial and no detent)!
  • Only one track!
  • No pattern-storage!
  • No internal clock (only usable as MIDI-slave)!
  • No display!


It is optimized for live use, especially jam-sessions, but can also be used to give you new ideas, if you are stuck in your main sequencer.

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