Arturia DrumBrute – modern 909 with polyrhythms?

That’s interesting. Arturia is a little reminiscent of Moog. That American company used to build a Minimoog (a loooong, loooong time ago). Since then – since 1970 – they’ve based most of their synthesizers on that Minimoog. Arturia’s veteran of today is the MiniBrute. For the last few years, everything has been BRUTE, it seems.

With one little difference. Arturia has a lot more spirit than its American competitor. The concept of the veteran (MiniBrute) has been – step by step – radically changed. The MatrixBrute, for example, doesn’t have that much in common with the MiniBrute. And the DrumBrute has been based on a completely new concept.


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Arturia MatrixBrute – a programmable MODULAR?

Here it is – the NEW Brute synthesizer. Matrix by name, matrix by nature. That namesake modulation matrix is at the heart of MatrixBrute, making the most of each ‘module’ through a matrix that offers thousands of potential modulation routings. Assign any of 16 modulation sources to any of 16 modulation destinations (in MOD mode) and set the amounts of each modulation routing using the dedicated data encoder.

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Arturia MicroBrute – first impression

If a “Mini” model is followed by an even smaller “Micro” model, expectations might be very low. You could easily overlook the new Arturia synthesizer, but … boy, that would be a mistake! This instrument does not only sound fantastic, it also has a very clever concept. More than that, it is – thanks to the new performance opportunities – even more attractive than the original MiniBrute.

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Arturia iMini – recreation of the classic Minimoog

iMini is a recreation of the classic 1971 Minimoog synthesizer, one of the most iconic synthesizers of all time. In turns the iPad into an ‘old skool’ analog bass monster, as Stefan Bodzin (DJ/producer, remixer) says.


Main features:

  • Realistic recreation of the classic Minimoog sound.
  • Hundreds of sounds created by the top sound designers in the world.
  • Preset compatibility with Arturia Mini V software.
  • Core MIDI support
  • Including MIDI controller mapping
  • WIST sync with other iPAD/Iphone devices
  • High quality sound based on our TAE analog modeling technology.
  • Tabletop Ready iOS application for a complete electronic music studio.iMini requires at least an iPAD 2 and OS 6.0 or later.


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