NAMM Report 2016 – Part 2

While part 1 of my NAMM report focused primarily on Eurorack Modular and synthesizer accessories, I want to start part 2 with the proverbial elephant in the room (and literal behemoth amongst current fare), the Matrixbrute from Arturia. A (much) bigger brother to the Mini and Micro “brutes” the Matrixbrute features a fully analog (audio) signal path from its 3 oscillators, 2 filters (1 multi-mode Steiner Parker filter, 1 Transistor Ladder LPF) and ends with an analog effects section that boasts delay, chorus, flange and reverb. On paper, the Matrixbrute is an absolute dream …


A duophonic monster with an intimidating 64 LED backlit button array matrix that not only allows a user to route complex modulations but is also a full fledged step sequencer, preset access terminal and more. I personally love the “Brute” oscillators that Arturia produce and I’ve found that while somewhat limited, the Minibrute will hold its own next to much more expensive and sought after instruments.

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