Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 – Waldorf

Waldorf Zarenbourg

Waldorf Zarenbourg, Pulse 2, lector, PPG und largo

The Waldorf Zarenbourg  builds the perfect support for the Pulse 2. As you can see from our photo, the Pulse 2 was not connected and therefore we cannot say anything about its sound. But we can say this – watch this space ;-)!

But we had the chance to listen to the now available Zarenbourg. As it seems to get common now, the Zarenbourg also makes use of a combination of Sampling and Physical Modelling. However, what we heard was promising. A comparison between the Zarenbourg and the Yamaha CP1 is nearly as obvious as the one between Pulse and Pulse 2. Scheduled delivery date for the Pulse 2 is summer 2012.

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