Harvestman – Piston Honda

Harvestman Piston Honda - digitaler Oszillator im Eurorack Format mit 2 Wave Roms und jeweils 256 Wellenformen THE HARVESTMAN, located in Seattle Washington, designer and manufacturer of modules in Eurorack format release their new Piston Honda Wavetable oscillator. It comes with two ROMs onboard, each containing 256 waveforms in 16 banks. Waves may be smoothly morphed or violently jumped in two dimensions. An optional expansion board provides six more ROM sockets for use with Blacet/Wiard-format waveform data. Use wave256 software to write your own data. Plans for getting that data onto our little EEPROMs will be posted soon. Find more information by clicking the following link.

Listen to a demo in the following video.

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