Dieter Doepfer – Creator
Of The A-100 Modular System

Munich in July 2013. Gorgeous sunshine, a picture-book sky, a perfect day to be doing things outside. Despite swimming weather, 50 enthusiastic modular freaks have made a pilgrimage to Dieter Doepfer’s A-100 workshop for 3 hours of fascinating insights into the modular world. We asked Dieter Doepfer – not only highly qualified, but also an entertaining speaker – to give us an interview.


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Yves Usson – Co-developer
Of the Arturia MiniBrute

Yves Usson (aka yusynth)

Yves Usson (aka yusynth) in front of his beloved analogue modular synthesizers (left : home-made yusynth modular; right : modular).

GS: Yves, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Yves Usson: Well, I am 55 years old and I live in Grenoble in the French Alps. Ever since I was a child I have always been attracted by science and technology.

When I was a teenager in the 70s, I was very interested in ham-radio and this got me into learning myself electronics by reading books and electronics magazines and I eventually became head of the club of electronics at my high school. Then I went to university where I lost two boring years at the medical school before I switched to biology. Then I passed all the degrees in cellular and molecular biology and eventually I received a PhD in 1985.

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Paolo Groppioni – Creator
Of The GRP Synthesizers

The completion of the first GRP A4 series seems to be an ideal occasion to publish some details about GRP and the career of Paolo Groppioni. We have asked the Roman engineer for a small interview.

GRP Synthesizer

Paolo Groppioni and the new GRP A4 Synthesizer, September 2012.

GS: Hello Mr. Groppioni. Can you first tell us a few general things about GRP. How long has the company existed? Where is the company located? Which GRP instruments have been or are being built?

Paolo Groppioni: The company Grp Synthesizer was founded in 2009 in Rome, when the development of the Grp A8 started. There had been other products in the years before, but they have remained only prototypes, built for fun and for the pleasure I got in playing them for myself – as in the case of the Grp A3 and the Grp A6. At the moment I am occupied with the production of the new Synth Grp A4 which will be completed at the end of October. All of the A4 have already been sold. Continue reading