Moog ONE – the new 8/16-voice Memorymoog?

Rumours spread about a new polyphonic Moog synthesizer. There are people who already know precise details about it. And there are people who have already seen it. The new Moog ONE, probably available as 8-voice and 16-voice machine, is reputed to look similar to the good old Memorymoog. And its features are impressive: 3 VCO’s per voice, 3 part multi-timbral, Eventide reverb, arp, sequencer … seems as if this synth has everything you could possibly wish for.


Here some of the Moog ONE features (source:

Features (Unofficial):

  • Highlights:
    • 3 VCOs per voice
    • 3 part multitimbral – 3 synths in 1
    • Knob per function
    • 4 LFOs per synth with easily assignable modulation
    • Arp and sequencer (per synth)
    • Clock sync
    • Assignable CV ins and outs
    • Lots of i/o for routing synths and effects
    • Eventide reverbs built in
    • Unrestricted number of presets
  • Oscillators – create complex waveforms
  • Noise – Dedicated envelope for transient shaping
  • Filter
    • State variable filter AND Moog Ladder Filter
    • HP, LP, BP or notch
    • link filters together for ganged sweeps
    • assign sources to SVF ladder or both in the mixer
  • Envelope
    • 3 envelopes (amp, filter, and assignable)
  • Easily assignable mod matrix
  • Sequencer and Arp
  • Effects
    • True bypass effects
    • effects per synth and a master effects bus
    • 2 assignable macro controls – customizable per patch
  • Vocoder
  • Modulation
    • Easily repeatable mod matrix routings
    • 4 LFOs – 1 button destination routing
    • Fine tune and create complex modulation via transforms
    • Easy assign performance controllers
    • XY pad for expressive control

Prices (Unofficial): 

  • Moog ONE 8-voices: $ 5,999.-
  • Moog ONE 16-voices: $ 7,999.-

The release of Moog ONE is expected to be in August. Hopefully.



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