Arturia DrumBrute / MicroBrute Creation Edition

It was only a matter of time before Arturia reloaded on the DrumBrute and MicroBrute theme. Similar to the MicroBrute special colors, there’s now a special CREATION EDITION available. No new features, but AirBrush look instead. With a touch of Michelangelo – which makes no difference in terms of sound, but looks chic.


And again those famous hands from the Sistine Chapel. It’s not Nokia here, but Arturia. Connecting People? The slogan could remain the same …


Good news: Arturia prices remain – more or less – unchanged. 449 Euros (DrumBrute Creation), 299 Euros (MicroBrute Creation). Target group? All people assiciated with electro, the “scene”, club, graffiti, live performance.




Ok, ok … a new look doesn’t change those somewhat questionable DrumBrute sounds. But admittedly: the black side panels are doing much better than the (artificial) wood used so far …Arturia-Creative-Series-05

… and the combination of anthracite (body) and yellow (panel graphics) is extremely tasteful …


Finally, the associated promotional video. “Touched by Inspiration”? It’s somewhat questionable whether the sound is more inspiring or (possibly) annoying …

Anyway: The new DrumBrute / MicroBrute CREATION EDITION looks great. Mission accomplished!



One thought on “Arturia DrumBrute / MicroBrute Creation Edition

  1. Street art + analog + Michelangelo = I kind of like it!
    I have the MicroBrute and it an amazing piece of gear, now I might get this DrumBrute. Only the video music choice is extremely awkward…why?