Upgraded White Beast: The New MODOR NF-1

The MODOR NF-1 is still an insider tip. And it’s a rarity. After all, it’s an European synthesizer “Made in Belgium”. Although its sound is powerful, inspiring and versatile, NF-1 had a difficult start. Users quickly critizied the slightly mediocre hardware (wobbly knobs). And the noisy audio signal. Anyway, MODOR now modified the NF-1 with a respectable hardware upgrade …


The improvements in detail:

  • A new type of potentiometers give the knobs a more stable, less ‘wobbly’ feeling
  • A new DAC gives a 12dB lower noisefloor, Cirrus Logic CS4334 DAC has been replaced by CS4392
  • A USB connector has been added (for MIDI over USB, no audio)
  • Line out is now capable of driving a headphone
  • Improved EMC design to further avoid picking up environment noise

The fact is: MODOR NF-1 sounds very good. Expressive, lush, noble. Three comprehensive oscillators plus a multimode-filter and a FORMANT-filter guarantee for stunning, massive sounds.





Some recommendable Youtube videos:

MODOR NF-1 DEMO – by David Morley:

MODOR NF-1 STRINGS – by David Morley:

MODOR NF-1 Song – by Obscure Wave Music:

MODOR NF-1 Demoy – by Perfect Ciruit Audio:


Further  info:

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