Arturia MatrixBrute: a modest raise in price

We have to be fair: this step was to be expected. The Arturia MatrixBrute – a high-quality and flexible analog synthesizer – will be more expensive as of July 1st 2018. Which is not so much a question of why the price is going up, but rather why that synth has been so cheap so far. At less than 2000 Euros, an instrument of this potential (3-VCO-2-VCF engine, performance sequencer, modulation matrix, CV-patchbay, MIDI + USB, etc.) is a bargain indeed.


“Due to increasing cost of the internal analog components, manufacturing, and shipping, Arturia have made the decision to raise the price of the MatrixBrute.

Arturia has always been keen on delivering instruments that offer high value for money. This is what we did with MatrixBrute, I believe, making a real statement that we could bring an outstanding synthesizer at a reasonable price.

The decision to raise this price hasn’t come easily, and we waited to make the change for as long as we could. Due to increasing costs, and to aid our distributors and retailers in a context where several Euro/US$/£ have fluctuated since the introduction, we considered that now was the right time.”

(Frédéric Brun, Arturia’s founder and president)

With July 1st 2018, the MatrixBrute will be increased from 1999 € to 2299 € (Eurozone), respectively from 2199 USD to 2499 USD (USA).

We attach some extra pictures of the MatrixBrute to emphasize its noble hardware:











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2 thoughts on “Arturia MatrixBrute: a modest raise in price

  1. MEH

    I’ve heard more analog sounding romplers than this. It’s an ARTURIA. Not even worth the current asking price let alone an even higher one.

    Or is ‘spec’ all that matters anymore? not sound? not quality?

    • … true, it’s an ARTURIA synth. Rather a clean sound than one with amazingly analog depth. But perhaps it’s a good addition to those classic sounding synths? I think it’s definitely useful for sequencing and fx/modulation stuff. And the interfacing / performance controls are spectacular …

      Anyway! If you’re looking for a synth with a warm, in-depth analog sound you’ll probably go for a Moog, Oberheim, GRP, MacBeth, Vermona or something similar …