Doepfer Dark Energy III – relaunch of a classic

Dark Energy III is – just like its predecessor Dark Energy II – a monophonic analog synthesizer with USB and MIDI interface. The entire sound generation and all modulation sources are 100% analog. While its strong filter is the same as that of DE II, there are some minor differences in the VCO / VCA / LFO area …


The main differences between Dark Energy II and III:

  • VCO offers an additional triangle waveform
  • ready for immediate use: no heat-up period of the VCO
  • perfect 1V/octave VCO tracking over a range of 8 octaves (!)
  • separate reset inputs for the two LFOs
  • improved ADSR
  • access to additional functions via pin headers inside the unit for DIY modifications (e.g. linear FM, hard/soft sync)


The following additional signals and functions are accessible via internal pin headers:

  • VCO outputs: triangle, sawtooth, rectangle
  • VCO linear FM input
  • VCO hard sync input
  • VCO soft sync input
  • VCF outputs: lowpass, highpass, bandpass
  • LFO outputs: triangle, rectangle
  • ADSR output
  • Two inverters with input/output (to invert any signal, e.g. ADSR, LFO)

The function of these sockets at the front panel can be modified by removing jumpers and re-wiring the pin-headers: VCO PW CV, LFO1 Reset, LFO2 Reset, VCA CV In. For example the PW CV input can be converted into a linear FM input, or LFO/ADSR signals can be used as outputs instead of one of the LFO Reset inputs)



Doepfer Dark Energy III

Analog desktop-synthesizer
with MIDI, USB and alternative (internal) wiring options

Available April 2018

Price: 479 Euros

Website manufacturer:


Info / open / download:

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