Doepfer A-173-1/2 Micro Keyboard / Manual Gate

The Doepfer A-173-1/2 is a module combo that is used to generate a manually controlled 1V/Octave CV signal and up to 15 manually controlled gate/trigger signals.

The handy micro-piano might be of great value to many Modular users. The “keys” can be manually tapped and routed to any destination via separate Gate outputs (and a global CV-out). So you can quickly transpose sequences without the need of an external keyboard, and much more.


The tiny keyboard can even be split: A few “keys” can be separated from the CV generation section so that these buttons only control gate/trigger outputs, without affecting the CV.


So you can implement start / stop commands (manual trigger impulses), while – at the same time – use the rest of the keyboard for transpose functions.

The +/- 1 Oct. switch allows for key transpose. This means you have a maximum keyboard range of 3,5 octaves at your fingertips.


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