Arturia MiniBrute 2 – a small MatrixBrute?

Good news: Arturia launches the MiniBrute 2. A real Brute, with 2 VCOs, 2 LFOs, Steiner-VCF, sequencer / arpeggiator and a respectable modulation matrix (CV-panel). Especially that patchbay – placed in an ideal position at the top – should arouse the interest of analog enthusiasts and modular users.


The silver wheels to the left of the keyboard are reminiscent of the MatrixBrute. All in all, the new MiniBrute 2 is slightly bigger than its predecessor, the original MiniBrute.


Be that as it may, the MiniBrute 2 seems more like a small version of the MatrixBrute anyway, due to the wheels, the wooden side panels, the sequencer and the modulation matrix. It appears to be a powerful analog synth with outstanding connectivity and massive creative potential.


“MiniBrute 2 features a comprehensive modulation matrix with dozens of sources and destinations at your disposal. Whether you want to experiment with its internal parameters, wire in your modular setup, or sync your other gear to its sequencer, the possibilities are endless.” (


The following video shows the MiniBrute 2 in action:

And this video explains the instrument in detail (thanks, “Al”, for the link):


Further info / download:

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