Korg PS-3100: The Emperor’s New Clothes

First, the title is not quite correct. The Emperor in H. C. Andersen’s famous tale is … well, naked. Anyway, “new clothes” is what our story is about. Second, this is a very personal project that will be completed in summer 2018. A project including two Korg PS-3100 and the recently introduced JH-3200, as well as other instruments.

Replacing the original PS-3100 fake-wood cabinet is only one of the many steps in this project. The new cabinet is made of beech, and it’s slightly larger than the original.


Anyway, the new housing’s key issues are greater stability and a gorgeous look.


Unfortunately, this PS-3100 now weighs significantly more than the (original) 30 kg.


The following pictures show the restored and the original PS side by side.



By the way: There was a restored Korg PS-3300 on auction in 2012. It’s quite possible that that unit inspired us to our recent PS-3100 modification …






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2 thoughts on “Korg PS-3100: The Emperor’s New Clothes

  1. I thought this article would be about the ridiculous prices these days of the Korg PS series and vintage synthesizers in general. Especially reseller and ebay prices are crazy and unrealistic and not worth it in this day of age.

    • … you’re absolutely right. Crazy vintage synth prices these days … We’ll do a separate blog about it …