GRANULAR Synthesizer Tasty Chips GR-1

Well, that sounds exciting. No talk of “oscillators here” and “filter there”, no: this is a GRANULAR synthesizer, the Tasty Chips Electronics GR-1. A hardware musical instrument, offering hands-on controls to create characteristic textures and pads.

A sample and a few knob tweaks is enough to make something beautiful …

Tasty Chips Electroncis GR-1 Granular Synthesizer

The on-board controls and MIDI connectivity make it extremely easy to manipulate sound. Directness is nr. 1 in the design: knobs and sliders allow all granular parameters to be changed in seconds. The GR-1 also allows stand-alone operation: No MIDI keyboard required! The GR-1 has buttons and sliders to create 4 note chords or drones.





Currently, the GR_1 is a kickstarter-project (see link below). However, the synthesizer should be available in the (online) shop and from some dealers mid of 2018 …



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