FUSEBOX – a 3-VCO-Synth by Analogue Solutions

FUSEBOX is a compact true analog mono synth in a neat, smart, small package. We call it “little brother” of the POLYMATH. Aside from the MIDI chip (which has to be digital), everything else is totally analog using real transistors and op-amps. The synth has been designed by Tom Carpenter, CEO of Analogue Solutions, a musician and a big fan of electronic music. He knows how to program a synth and what should be expected.

FUSEBOX was not designed by an engineer or steered by committee or men in suits. This is a musician’s instrument …


FUSEBOX features:

  • 3 VCOs
  • VCO 2 and VCO 3 can be used as LFOs
  • Sub-Oscillator
  • White Noise
  • Mixer with MUTE switches
  • 12db MultiMode VCF – LP / NOTCH / HP and BP
    (similar to the Oberheim SEM filter design)
  • VCA
  • LFO
  • 2 ADSR
  • MIDI In, Out, Thru
  • Interval Generator (VCO transposer, 6 programmable pitches)
  • Arpeggiator (can be used as a 16-note Sequencer)
  • Patternator (a blend of Sequencer and Rhythm Generator)


Unique artistic case design. 5 minutes with a screwdriver and the plan can be flipped, allowing the synth to be laid flat.


True retro analog voice and modulation circuits give an authentic retro sound.  A warm sound full of character.







Analogue Solutions Fusebox Synthesizer

Open / download PANEL graphic (3000 x 2050px)


Further Info:

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