Maestros – The NOVATION Story

A short, but informative video (17 minutes). The following synthesizer documentation was of course created as advertising for Novation. Its journey starts in 1992 with the cute MM10 Keyboard (for Yamahas QY10 Pocket Workstation) and ends up in the present with Launchpad and Mininova. With the help of many musicians and synth designers, among them Ian Jannaway (Co-Founder of Novation) …


… and veteran Chris Huggett. The latter is best known for his EDP Wasp and OSCar synthesizer way back in the early 80s – today he’s a sterling member of the Novation team. Many of the Bass Station and Bass Station II features carry Chris Huggett’s signature (take, for instance, the innovative multi-functional use of synth keys) …


Aside from synths, software (V-Station, sadly cracked short after release) and the phenomenal Launch Pad also play a central role in that British company. All in all: Well-made and informative PR-material on an important piece of European synth-history.

Here’s the video:


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