Arturia MatrixBrute now shipping

Christmas bonus already used up, and now the MatrixBrute is here! Untimely, as far as our bank accounts are concerned, but we’re really happy just the same. Finally. The conceptualization, organization and planing of such a huge analog synthesizer is admittedly hard to time – but still, announcing the availability of this important instrument at the end of December (when our pockets are empty) is ironic, to say the least.


Now then, a production schedule is the one side of the coin, and the instrument itself is the other. What a wonder that MatrixBrute exists at all! A realistic evaluation of the availability of those first units leads us to hope that this amazing synth will have found its place into many studios within the next few months.


In this light, a Happy New Year … and the very best for 2017 (not only for us all, but also for the MatrixBrute)!



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