Arturia DrumBrute – modern 909 with polyrhythms?

That’s interesting. Arturia is a little reminiscent of Moog. That American company used to build a Minimoog (a loooong, loooong time ago). Since then – since 1970 – they’ve based most of their synthesizers on that Minimoog. Arturia’s veteran of today is the MiniBrute. For the last few years, everything has been BRUTE, it seems.

With one little difference. Arturia has a lot more spirit than its American competitor. The concept of the veteran (MiniBrute) has been – step by step – radically changed. The MatrixBrute, for example, doesn’t have that much in common with the MiniBrute. And the DrumBrute has been based on a completely new concept.


To tell the truth: DrumBrute is a small revolution. Pure analog sounds (17 instruments), a luxurious user panel, a vast number of functions, comprehensive connections … all that is really remarkable. You get more performance for your money (less than 500 Euros) than for any Roland TR-808 / 909, which costs 6 to 8 times as much. Well … whether the bassdrum “BUUUM” has the same effect – check it out for your self.

Recording patterns is easy …


… and the drum sounds can, of course, be adjusted on the run.


The rear panel leaves nothing to be desired …


… and enables a flexible interaction with various other settings in your studio.


The freeware MIDI CONTROL CENTRE (MCC) enables you to organize and program the DrumBrute in detail (polyrhythms and other extras possible).


Well-earned laurels in advance: we congratulate Arturia to the DrumBrute concept. It stands for an amazing price/performance ratio (just ignore that “Made in China” label). The DrumBrute should be available in November ’16 and we prophesy that it will find its way into many studios. In addition, it could give the market a jolt, positively influencing the price of those (way too expensive) classic Roland drum machines 808 and 909.


Arturia DrumBrute
Analog Drum Synthesizer

Price: 449 Euros

Website manufacturer:

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