The new Minimoog D – even better than the original?

The new Minimoog – the new Model D, to be precise – surprises us at first sight with its moderate price. Approximately 4000 Euros is (somehow) fair, considering that a vintage Minimoog can cost significantly more on the second hand market. And this synth is NEW, it comes with a beautiful wooden housing (with no scratches and scrapes) and with some interesting new extras. Extras, that the original Minimoog can’t even dream of.


First, there’s MIDI. A rather simple interface (note on/off), though, but it’s there. Second, this Minimoog comes with a Fatar keyboard. A keyboard that sends velocity and aftertouch. Both are not internally pre-wired, but can be patched at the connection side (top) of the instrument. Nice!


Third, there are more modulation sources. The new Minimooog D not only uses VCO3 for modulation purposes, but also that extra LFO, the filter envelope and noise (or an external CV-signal). This greatly enhances the instrument’s tonal flexibility (and it reminds us a little of the Pro-One’s modulation matrix).


Fourth, there’s an external PSU (with a four-pole connection socket). No loose cable hanging around when moving the Minimoog!

So, this is the new Model D. We hope it sounds as good as it looks – the last, the decisive question we can’t answer yet. Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to the new Minimoog.



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