GRP A8 “SILVER” – a one-off!

This beautiful GRP A8 belonged to German musician Uwe Rottluff.  Using his synthesizers LIVE on stage, he was tired of trying to drag the massive (wooden) A8 around. So he designed a new, slim aluminium housing (and removed the internal PSU, now srewed into an external box) – voilà: the unique GRP A8 “SILVER” was born … a one-off!









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4 thoughts on “GRP A8 “SILVER” – a one-off!

  1. Theo,
    You said the silver GRP A8 ‘belonged” to Uwe. Did he sell it? Do you know anyone selling an A8?

    • … hello Keith. Yes, he sold it. Hm, maybe I know someone … will send you an email. Cheers …

  2. The G4 is such a goodie that I think I’d prefer it to an A8. For me, a keeper. This A8 does look good, though. Ben

    • … the A4 is incredible since it has an extremely flexible sound (overdrive possible on both filters, DIRect out – 24dB LPVCF left, 12dB MultiModeVCF right) and some quite unique experimental features (Sequ Row A/B to Sequ speed, 2xLoop-EG, Audio-IN!, etc.). But speaking of raw power, I prefer the A8 – two completely independent synths … it’s like a huge expressive painting, like a colorful sunrise over the ocean :o)