– new panel surface for the Roland JD-XA

The Roland JD-XA is a wonderful sounding instrument, but it comes with a couple of surprises. One is the plastic surface. It reflects extremely strongly and maintains its shiny newness for – at the most – one hour. The plastic attracts dust as soon as it sees the light of day. now offers a new panel overlay to get rid of that JD-XA hardware problem …


The 5-piece panel overlay is made from an extremely tough Lexan material with a matte finish that does “not” reflect and that resists fingerprints and scratches. Such a panel will be also available for the JD-Xi soon.


All print is white on black and the labels have been moved below the buttons, knobs and sliders so you can read them easier. For reference to the finish, if you have seen a modern Moog or Prophet-08 top panel – this is the same texture and material.



The new overlay upgrades the JD-XA optically, but is also a further step towards improving programmability. It shows all the SHIFT key options omitted on the original panel!

See the manufacturer’s website for more information.

Roland JD-XA Panel Overlay
Price: 125 USD + shipping


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