Minimoog Pitch Wheel Service Kit

The Minimoog – a true legend. A legend that’s often a little out of tune, to be exact. This may be caused by the VCOs (responsible, admittedly, for that characteristic vintage sound), but is in the main a result of the primitive construction of the pitch wheel. Virtual Music has now put a service kit on the market which enables the player to permanently correct the “out-of-tune” state caused by that pitch wheel.


Always “a little off” …

The use of the pitch wheel often automatically results in an out-of-tune state because the wheel doesn’t completely return to zero (to be exact, that zero does not exist). There’s a plausible reason for this. It’s caused by slight inaccuracies in the construction components – unfortunately normal for Minimoog.


Back to zero, please …

Virtual Music has an elegant solution for this problem. Its kit supplies the pitch wheel – in its middle position – with an electronic “zero” point. A small area of tolerance, that, despite slight movements of the wheel, allows for pitch maintenance. After installation, Minimoog is always perfectly in tune despite all those pitch wheel acrobatics.


Pitch Wheel Service Kit

The upgrade consists of a small circuit board and a detailled installation manual. Installation and adjustment are easy and can be done in 30 minutes. Just solder 4 cables and open 3 screws …


Minimoog Pitch Wheel Service Kit
Price: 83 Euro,–


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