GRP R24 Sequencer – pre-orders now opened!


The GRP R24 is a 8×3 analog step sequencer firmly based on the mighty sequencer of the GRP A8 and GRP A4 analog synthesizer. The new R24 offers access to “both worlds”, it comes with CV/Gate, USB and MIDI! Hardware-wise, it is a self-powered stand-alone unit, with hardware compatibility for mounting the R24 in a 5U modular system. That means you can use it either as-is (with its case and internal PSU), or you can install the R24 in a, COTK, Moon Modular system (and use the empty case for other 5U modules).GRP-R24-Sequencer-10

The R24 can memorize 64 sequences! Each sequence can be set to 8×3, 16+8 or 24 mode, with individual step lenghts. In addition, there’s an independent sample&hold circuit per row! The sequencer acts as CV/Gate sequencer or as MIDI sequencer, with separate rows for MIDI Note selection and Key Velocity step adjust.

Some close-ups of the panel graphic:






The complete panel graphic can be downloaded here (PDF).

Price is 1277 Euros + VAT + shipping costs. (VAT is not due to countries outside European Community or for companies into European Community that have a regular VAT number.)

Contact Groppioni Paolo (GRP) for pre-orders:
Email –


CV/Gate + USB + MIDI Step/Trigger Sequencer
8×3 steps, sample/hold (x3), 128 memories, etc.

Price: 1277 Euros
+ VAT (no VAT ouside Europe) + shipping costs


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