New Moog Modulars – luxurious revival?

We have to admit, it’s a little odd: in 2015 Moog Music is building the modular systems of the late 60s and early 70s again. Hand made, noble design. Happy memories of bygone days – Wendy Carlos, Tomita, ELP, that catchy “Popcorn”, …

But let’s take a closer look at the current Moog modular production line …


The following modular systems and accessories can be ordered:

  • Moog Model 15
  • Moog System 35
  • Moog System 55
  • Keith Emerson Moog System
  • Sequencer Complement B
  • 5-octave keyboard

It goes without saying that the availability of these Moog modular systems is limited. A paltry 150 units of the model 15 will be built and 55 units of the System 55. Pre-ordering is obligatory. Obviously.

Looking at the new Moog modular systems from different angles reveals the following …


Let’s start with the POSITIVE:

  • Studio musicians with the necessary chickenfeed can fullfill a long-cherished wish: a huge modular system housed in solid wood, with that legendary sound and the insignia MOOG to boot.
  • Those of you who have original Moog systems from the 60s and 70s can expand them with, for instance, a new double sequencer or a controller keyboard.
  • The tendency to over-price those original systems on the used market can be effectively thwarted. Why pay 50,000.00 USD for an “old” Moog system if you can have a “new” one for 35,000.00 USD?

ON THE OTHER HAND, we do have some questions:

  • Are the new Moog systems actually anachronistic? Does Moog’s setting on the technology of the 70s have any advantages? Asked another way: who needs S-trigger connections these days? And wouldn’t a built-in MIDI interface make the integration of those new Moog systems into today’s studio a lot easier?
  • And, the bottom line: are those high-prices justifiable? The Model 15 going for a mere  10,000.00 USD – that’s absurdly expensive. And why does a double sequencer block cost 8,500.00 USD, given the relative mediocrity of the Moog Sequencer from a musical point of view? Agreed, Moog Music offers perfect production quality and professional handling. But do service and brand name justify those high prices?


The fact is, you can get first-class alternatives for a lot less money these days. Be it modular systems from (already seen the new keyboard controllers?), Club Of The Knobs, Moon Modular or from other companies. From the musical standpoint, reality caught up and by-passed the myth of Moog years ago.

Despite all this, it is gratifying that the actual modular boom has caught up with Moog Music, as well. For those of you who need a reminder of the philosophy and aura of those legendary Moog modular systems, we recommend this Youtube Video:


Moog Modular Synthesizers
Prices start at 10,000.00 USD

Link: Moog Music Modulars

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