Korg MS-20M Kit + SQ-1: a low-budget dream team?

No matter which way you look at it, Korg is Korg! State of the art. Ok, ok, maybe the MS-20 revival boom has overpeaked, considering that there are now the MS-20 (software) Controller, the MS-20 mini, the MS-20 Kit and the MS-20M Kit along with the original MS-20. Be that as it may, the new MS-20M Kit is still a pretty sensible buy.


Thank goodness they left off those half-hearted mini-keys! And there are some great new features: Osc-Sync, FM, multiples, both MS-20 filter types, etc …

Looking at the Korg MS-20M Kit all laid out may give you a jolt, but putting this baby together doesn’t require any magic. A screwdriver will do …


As to the sequencer, the original Korg SQ-10 anno 1978 was a distinctly beautiful analog device, especially on account of its luxury design, with 3 rows and those big knobs. BUT the new SQ-1 still offers an awful lot for a mere 150 Euros, including 16 steps, CV/Gate and MIDI …

And it’s no real coincidence that the SQ-1 is a good match for the MS-20M Kit.


The bottom line is that the SQ-1 can be connected with any CV/gate synthesizer or Eurorack modular system. Even though – logically – Korg itself presents the SQ-1 together with the old/new ARP Odyssey.


For SQ-1 power supply you can choose between batteries and USB (which is not necessarily an advantage). The whole package (MS-20M Kit and SQ-1) can be had for less than 1500 Euros.

And again: the MS-20M Kit is a do-it-yourself. This video might convince:

Speaking of videos, here’s a good explanation of the SQ-1 Sequencer:

All in all, the package MS-20M Kit + SQ-1 Sequencer makes perfect sense. A fine little Korg dream team. Whether you do buy the old/new ARP Odyssey to go with it, or stick to that little SQ-1 is a decision only you can make (it may even depend on your mood …).


Our usual comparison of original instruments (MS-20, SQ-10 or ARP Odyssey) does not make much sense here. What’s important is what the new instruments can do and what they cost. And from this point of view, Korg’s latest low-budget dream team is a good deal for your money.


Korg MS-20M Kit + SQ-1
Price: 1427,– Euros / approx. 1400,– USD

Info Korg SQ-1
Info Korg MS-20M Kit + SQ-1


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