Analogue Solutions – Nyborg-12 Synthesizer Module

A “possible” answer to the classic (but expensive) Tom Oberheim Two-Voice Pro: Analogue Solutions offers a SEM synthesizer with CV / Gate and MIDI, which (in pairs) fits exactly into a 19 ” rack. The single Nyborg-12 is a handy desktop unit that can be equipped with optional wooden side panels.




“Nyborg-12 is an Oberheim SEM-style 2-Pole 12dB/Octave MULTIMODE FILTER-equipped standalone monophonic synthesiser module with real analogue voice and modulation circuitry.

What makes Nyborg-12 so special so that it stands out from the sound of the synth crowd? To put it bluntly, there are analogue synthesisers and then there are real analogue synthesisers.

Nyborg-12 is absolutely analogue through and through, hand built (by humans) using real transistors and op-amps. Unlike other so-called analogue synths you’ll find no CPU-stabilised and quantised circuits, DCOs (Digitally-Controlled Oscillators), digital LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators), or digital EGs (Envelope Generators) hiding here …”

(Analogue Solutions)


The following video shows the Nyborg-12 in action:


Nyborg-12 Analogue Synthesizer Module
Price: 599 GBP + VAT + Shipping

Further Info:


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