Studio Electronics – BOOMSTAR goes modular!

The Studio Electronics BOOMSTAR series impresses us with its fine analog sound. Although the various instruments (BOOMSTAR SEM, CE80, 3003, 4075 and 5089) don’t look spectacular, their sonic power is superb! But they are not cheap: each instrument costs approx. 1000 Euros.

SE is going a step further, and is now presenting Eurorack Modules / Eurorack Modular Systems based on the BOOMSTAR technology. This new modular series is called MODSTAR …


The following modules are available (or in planning status):

  • MIDI
  • 3003 VCF (TB303)
  • 4075 VCF (ARP)
  • 5089 VCF (Moog)
  • SE80 VCF (CS80)
  • SEM VCF (Oberheim SEM)
  • Multiples
  • Levels
  • SCI-FY
  • AMP
  • LFO
  • OUTS

SE also offers complete modular racks:


For more information see:

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