modulus.002 – new British hybrid polysynthesizer

This synthesizer looks beautiful! It’s a new hybrid polysynth “made in Britain”, a modern-day musical instrument with a sizeable number of notable new features — notably replicating content to a cloud-based platform for file sharing. “modulus.002 is the first serious pro synthesiser for a long, long time” is what people say. “It represents a no-compromise approach to modern-day synthesis” …

At a price of £2995 (3795 Euros) the modulus.002 costs approx. the same as the ultra-desirable John Bowen Solaris. At first glance, the modulus.002 appears to be a mixture of Solaris, Alesis Andromeda and Radikal Technologies Accelerator. But, of course, it’s an instrument of its own!


The Features:

  • 12 voice polyphony (with full multi-timbrality if desired)
  • 2 digital oscillators + 2 sub-oscillators per voice
  • Over 50 different waveforms, ranging from classic analogue sounds to more unique digital shapes
  • 24db per octave four pole transistor ladder filter
  • The filter has some very unusual morphing characteristics or ‘polesweeping’, enabling transition from four pole through bandpass to one pole 6db per octave, or anywhere in between
  • Two LFOs, one per voice and one global (so … 13 in total, right?)
  • Extensive modulation options
  • 12 Track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer with 16 dedicated step time editing knobs on the front panel
  • Arpeggiator and animator
  • Key modes: polyphonic, monophonic, unison and stack
  • XLR/TRS outputs – balanced and unbalanced signals, 12 outputs
  • FATAR semi-weighted five octave key mechanism (velocity / aftertouch), X/Y joystick
  • Ethernet port to connect the modulus.002 to a network and enable updates via the internet (no more midi sysex dumps) and access to the Modulus cloud features




Further info:

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