Vintage synth prices – sky-rocketing?

Where are those vintage synth prices headed for? No one can have missed the fact that the general price level has been on the rise since the late 90s. Still, developments of the past few months are in a league of their own. We’re talking about a vintage synth bubble. Not only in Europe, but also in the USA. There’s no nicer way to put it.



Anybody looking for a Synthex for a mere 10 000 Euros?

Ok, ok, this is our most far-out example. It is for a beautiful, restored Synthex and the starting price is lower (7500 Euros). But let’s face it: such exorbitantly high prices are going to be more and more the rule. The average Synthex these days costs 6000 Euros – twice as much as the original price in 1984.



By the way: the 6000-Euros-Synthex offered here has no MIDI. An upgrade is possible, but affords additional costs.


ARP-2600 for 13 000 USD?

Prices aren’t looking any better with the ARP-2600. Even in the US, where availability is greater than in the Old World. Admittedly, this also in an indication of how things are developing with eBay (that concern pocketing 10% of the sales price). In addition, the market is being strongly influenced by speculators and inflated prices. From this perspective, the ARP-2600 for “only” 7000 Euros looks like a real bargain. But just think about the sums we’re talking about and compare them with prices for new analog equipment. For 7000 Euros you’d get a huge .COM system, a huge COTK system, a great Doepfer monster case, a MacBeth Elements (plus a GRP A4), etc.



There’s no way to get around it, 2014 has shown a clear rise in price for vintage synths. True, whether those prices are actually being paid is a question of its own. Time will tell: we may be looking back at the present day and speaking of a vintage synth bubble.

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