Waldorf 2-Pole – a stand-alone Rocket-Filter?

Well, a pure filter box is not an “absolutely” necessary studio tool, is it? Nevertheless, the new Waldorf 2-Pole might be interesting for all of those who like the handsome Rocket Synthesizer (and – especially – its design). For all of those who’ve been waiting for the Rocket Filter with extra CV-options – well, here it is!


Clearly, with this new filter-box Waldorf tries above all to address guitar- and bass-players. However, similar attempts by other manufacturers during the last few decades have shown that guitar players usually do their own thing. They’ve got enough (quality) effects devices known as “stomp-boxes” available. Nevertheless, the 2-Pole is likely to bring great pleasure to any digital or analog synth studio. Keyboard players as well as DJs can spice up their live performances with this handy tool.


A quick note about the 2-Pole connections. The filter-box offers:

  • Audio-In
  • Audio-Out
  • Cutoff CV-In
  • Envelope Follower CV-In
  • Trigger-In (Gate)

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