GRP A4 – The 3rd Series

Well, it remains to be seen whether the GRP A4 is currently the best “non modular analog synthesizer” with an integrated sequencer – or not. Our opinion: Yes, it is! The high demand for this instrument speaks for itself. Even “Master” Jean Michel Jarre has bought one. The first 55 units were built in 2012. The second edition in 2013 was again composed of 55 units. The current third edition has started with a modest 35 pieces. Which has to do with the fact that GRP is presently involved in the development of new products – to be specific, we’re talking about the R24 stand-alone MIDI/CVgate sequencer.


So it remains for us to inform all those interested that a 3rd edition of the noble GRP A4 is currently being issued. The price is an – almost unchanged – € 3.777.– plus taxes and shipping (= in Europe: approx. 4490 Euros + shipping).

Reservations possible directly by GRP:


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