RCA Theremin and Oberheim 4-Voice for Sale!

Rare instruments are a very scarce commodity on the market these days. We’d like to introduce you to two extremely unusal items: an original RCA Theremin from 1929 and an Oberheim Four-Voice.

To the RCA Theremin: there are probably no more than 50 of them scattered around the planet. The RCA Theremin was originally powered with 117 V, but it comes with an external adapter for 240 V. Two outputs enable connection to an external amp / loudspeaker system. Themerin’s unusual sound has a pleasant rawness to it. A true analog instrument with lots of tubes inside!







And to the Oberheim Four-Voice: while we have been waiting for Tom Oberheim to finally fulfill his promise and come up with a Son Of Four Voice, the original SEM instruments have become almost impossible to find. Our Four-Voice is in very good condition and sounds – how could it be otherwise – fantastic.




Both of these instruments are located in Switzerland at the moment. Purchase is only possibly in connection with local pick up, which – especially with the Theremin – is really the only sensible possibility for safe delivery – and which means of course that you also have a chance to convince yourself of the good condition of the instrument in question.

For further information and prices contact:
Helmut Roten – Email:


Update Feb. 15th 2014: The Oberheim Four-Voice is sold …

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