Moog Sub 37 – what is “paraphonic”?

The new Moog baby has arrived. Moog SUB 37. A cross between a Sub Phatty and a Little Phatty. And it’s PARAPHONIC! Huh? Well, both oscillators can be independently controlled. In some way it’s “sort of” duophonic …


The SUB 37 panel features 40 knobs, 74 switches and has a dedicated LCD display …

SUB 37 info:

  • 2 VCOs, Selectable monophonic or paraphonic. Plus a sub-oscillator.
  • 20Hz-20Khz Moog Ladder Filter w/ 6/12/18/24 dB/Oct Filter Slopes (this reminds us of the GRP A4 synthesizer) and MultiDrive
  • 2 DAHDSR (Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release) – loopable envelopes (again, similar to the GRP A4, but to be honest – it was the EMS VCS 3 back in 1969 that introduced loopable envelopes, later continued by the OSCar and the EDP Wasp)
  • 37-note keyboard (hence the name …) with velocity and aftertouch
  • 2 flexible modulation busses, glide
  • Arpeggiator and step sequencer
  • 256 presets, MIDI, MIDI-USB, CV/Gate (Filter CV, Pitch CV, Volume CV, KB Gate)

The modulation busses in detail:

> sources: LFO, Filter Envelope, Programmable Sources – Amp Env,Osc1/Osc2 Pitch

> destinations: Osc1/Osc2/Both Pitch, Filter Cutoff, Osc1/Osc2/Both Wave, VCA, LFO1/LFO2 Rate, Noise Level, EG Time. Programmable Destinations – Filter resonance, drive, slope, EG amt. Osc1/Osc2/Sub Level, Feedback/Ext Level.

Further information on the SUB 37 see:

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