The Impossible Box – the SOUND of the impossible

What have we got here? A synthesizer? An electro-acoustic instrument? It’s hard to figure out what the IMPOSSIBLE BOX really is. But then, who cares! It sounds really good. The following Youtube video demonstrates the use and sound of the IMPOSSIBLE BOX. Acoustic images of the early days of electronic music (tape music) come to mind …

And now that we’ve whetted your appetite, here comes the punch: there’s only one IMPOSSIBLE BOX that’s ever been made. We’ll leave it up to you to decide about the acoustics. The BOX is visually unique. That’s for sure …


For all those of you who want to call this BOX their own – the IMPOSSIBLE BOX is for sale on eBay (and not for the first time, by the way).

Here’s your link on



Further information: see the FOLKTEK website.

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