JD-800 – Roland’s digital classic

A digital classic? You might think we’re talking about the famous D-50. A great instrument, no doubt. But in our opinion the JD-800 is far better. It’s the only digital synth fully equipped with sliders. And it sounds as warm as an analog synth. In short, it’s one of the best polyphonic synthesizers ever made.


You get a JD for approx. 600 USD / 500 Euros these days. Why it’s not at least four times as expensive is a mystery to us. Here are some photos and sound samples of the JD-800. 20 minutes of music. Enjoy …








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One thought on “JD-800 – Roland’s digital classic

  1. I absolutely love my JD-800. I’ve owned three of them over the years and I’ll never let her go. I replaced the keybed last year after the infamous red goo issue and it’s almost like new again. Only thing, there are a few notes that shut off when another specific note is being played (such as the lower g and a g the next octave up). Any clue what this is?